The God-Forsaken Table.

God is not a box of honey-nut cheerios.

God does not invite the happy or the healthy to his meal.

Christ came to those in need of a physician: The sick, the friendless, and the needy.

God is most glorified when we are happy, delighted, at peace. I’ve heard a message of this sort many times.

I’ve seen so many people enraged and devastated by the abuse they suffered, the tragedy they witnessed, the suicide they want to commit. And on top of it comes the guilt.

I’m not supposed to be upset in front of God. 

God wants me to trust, to rest, to be happy. 

If I’m upset with God, I must be failing in my faith. God will think I’m being rebellious and defiant. 

I’ve seen so many people stop talking to God altogether because silence and distance are easier than facing the shame and the guilt of being upset, or angry, or dissatisfied, with God.

Any psychologist can tell you that unexpressed or denied anger or frustration destroys relationships.

Why are we so adverse to mourning with God? What is so wrong with being angry with God? We’re certainly in good Biblical company.

It’s a spiritualized type of prosperity Gospel. But it is not the Gospel I know. It’s a Gospel that destroys the relationship God wants to have with us, and is based on false notions of the sort of relationship God wants with creation.

The table of God’s meal is for the hurt and the angry. It’s a table of dereliction, a table set around the body and blood of Christ spilled as He screamed: ‘why have You forsaken me?’

It is a table for the God-forsaken, not for the okay.

When we are confused, frustrated, upset, and downright angry with God – we are not taking the glory away from Godself. We are walking in the footsteps of Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, Job, and Jesus Himself. They were people with whom God had real, honest, raw, vulnerable relationships because there was questioning, crying, bargaining, and screaming – even between the Father and the Son themselves. There was honesty and sincerity.

Rest easy, dear soul, God is not disappointed in You when you are unhappy, hurt, broken, angry or suffering. When you bring those things to God, the Lord welcomes you right in. God is not waiting for you to be happy or delighted or even at peace, to be in the gracious Love of the Divine Presence, the Communion of the Three-in-One. Your heart, just as it is, is all God has wanted, not your masks or denial. There is a reason Christ was found among the sinners and the oppressed, among the undeserving, and the ones with complaints against God. Those are the people Christ went to, in their very real pain and devastation. Why should God treat you any differently than them?


One thought on “The God-Forsaken Table.

  1. What about “he will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away”? I understand it might not be possible RIGHT NOW but mightn’t it still be the end goal, that there IS something true in the notion that God wants us to be happy and at peace?

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