Say what?

There’s not much to say, really. These are the largely unpredictable musings of a seminary student with very little sense of space or color (so please enjoy the chaos) – sometimes devotional, sometimes more academic. He’s a Reformed Protestant who sometimes pretends to be Eastern Orthodox. His favorite lunch meat is capicola. His favorite animal is the penguin, because he believes he shares a sense of humor with the mighty penguin.

He rarely enjoys writing in the third person.

My main interests as a student are in the history of Christian theology in some of the Eastern Christian traditions (Greek, Semitic, and Slavic), as well as the role of the Church in conflict reconciliation. I’m working on a Master of Divinity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and am part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church denomination.

In the world of ‘theology blogging’ there is pressure to engage controversy, come down clear on ‘the issues,’ (are you Arminian? Egalitarian? Post-lapsarian). I talk about that stuff sometimes, but I’d rather get back to basics, and get a break from all the hand-wringing. Since everyone interested in theology is supposed to have an opinion on Open Theism vs. ‘Closed’ Theism, when asked, I prefer to say that my theism is ‘out to lunch.’

Sometimes its best to just pause, grab lunch, and try and get back to basics: God, the Word, the Church, and the raw and basic love of Jesus.

This first post will give you a better idea of what I’m (trying to be) up to.  



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